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February 28, 2020, 05:10:37 AM

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Author Topic: This Board Works Diiferently  (Read 1885 times)

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This Board Works Diiferently
« on: April 03, 2012, 09:48:36 AM »
The intent of this board is to serve as a reference repository for thoughts on riding safety and riding tips, not commentary.

On this board members have a different set of permissions for controlling topics they start. The intent is to give original posters editorial control over their posts and any thread which develops from their post to enable them to create a reference post/thread on the topic they have started. Original posters may leave all responses to their posts unedited and simply use the responses to make their original post better or they may edit the responses to provide responses to what they perceive as frequently asked questions or different points of view, whatever they feel makes their post/thread clearest and comprehensive as it relates to the topic they are trying to address.

Original posters in addition to normal permissions they have on other boards in this forum can:

  • Edit replies
  • Delete replies
  • Split replies off into separate topics

The intent of these permissions is to allow original posters to give editorial control over posts and threads which they are trying to create a reference post/thread on.

As the old saying goes, "there are 20 ways to skin a cat"  the intent of this forum is to also allow differing points of view on safety and riding tips to be posted. It is clear that this has the potential to create significant clutter, so everyone is encouraged to contribute to an original poster's thread on an existing topic, instead of starting their own. If significant clutter develops, we will work with the original posters of posts on overlapping topics and get the overlapping posts/threads merged to try to create a single reference on a topic.

Have fun folks! Hopefully this section will become an asset to the forum and riders in general.
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