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General Banter / RIP Barney Larson
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:24:36 PM »
If you don't know Barney. He was the owner of Larson's Cycle in Cambridge MN.
I believe he passed away at his home on Friday or Saturday.
I meet Barney way back when I was 16. My family started buying bikes from him way back then. I talked to him every time I was at the shop. We always talk at the track as well. We even raced each other a few times.
I was told he still opened the doors in the morning.
I will miss him. Rest in Peace.
If you would like to celebrate his life. That is at the Cambridge Lutheran Church. This Thursday from 11:30am. Service starts at 1 pm.

General Banter / RIP David Belcher
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:06:03 PM »
I don't know if Dave was a member here. But I have ridden with him many times. I think you may have seen him at Rays for a few MotoGP races.
He had the Green 250 Ninja with the ugly yellow travel trunk on the back of his bike.
We laughed about it every time we rode together.

I will miss you Dave.

For Sale/Wanted to Buy / Kawasaki 2012 ZX10R ABS $8500 SOLD
« on: January 11, 2016, 05:50:35 PM »
Yes this bike is for sale. I guess I don't need 2. And this is the older one.
Price is a steal. Blue book still says it is worth $9400.
Yes it has a few miles on it. Just 40,000 and it doesn't burn a drop of oil and runs great.
Bike is in prefect shape except for the tires. Yes it could use fresh skins.
Give me a call. 651-900-3540

For Sale/Wanted to Buy / 2015 Artic Cat Kitty Cat 120 Snowmobile SOLD
« on: December 14, 2015, 05:14:47 PM »
Like the end says.
This is a brand new sled. Never used. I started it for the first time just a few days ago.
It sells for $2800 new.
Make me a fair offer and it is your. And you don't have to pay any sales tax.

General Banter / Twisty 60 Vinnie and the Rocket The Clash
« on: November 04, 2015, 07:17:40 PM »
OK so last Sunday some guy name Bill put together a group ride. To see if some dam bird is going to land it the water in Alma. It is never there and some one could surely call ahead to see if they are there. If not them we could cancel. 20+ years and no bird.
Well anyway I am sitting down with friends have a nice lunch and who shows up. Yep the Rocket. Wants to know what road I am leaving on. Well I just had my ECU flashed again and I was just getting use to that extra 5hp it has now. Thought I would take it easy and just ride up 61. Your not going to ride 60 with me she says. I look around and everyone is staring at me. Oh oh I better not back down from this one. Sure why not.
So I get outside and she is, well what are you doing. Stretching exercises. You should be doing the same. I know I am being played. I don't care. Fix your pony tail girl lets go. She points to her gas tank that she needs gas. Ok lets tank up first. We stop for gas and I tank up. Wait she isn't. What's going on her.
Well off we go up 60. She takes the lead. Oh this is going to be easy. No wait. Something is not right. The bike isn't handling right. Oh no she didn't fill up with gas and I did. I should have known. She played me again.
Halfway down 60 and the bike is starting to work with less fuel in the tank. I am getting close and there is a series of curves coming up. She puts her hand on her hip going into the corner. That did it I am passing. She turns and looks at me 3 times and she goes wide. She is going to make me go wide and cross the center line which I never do. So I lean in and head butt her hand. then the unexpected happened. She slap my helmet and knocked my glassed lose. I crossed the center line because I couldn't see straight. I am glad a cop wasn't there to see me cross over the center of the road.
I have kept this to myself until now. Because she ask to ride again during the week. Tuesday it was going to be nice out. Anyway back to the ride.
We turn onto 2 and wait for other to catch up. Tells to lead this time. Ok see if you can keep up. This is going to be good.
We are on 5 I think and we catch up to some other bikers. Just great one of my favorite part of the route home. Crap now there are some cars to pass as well. Just great I think. Well the guy on the Goldwing pulls out and throttles it and passes the cars. Hey nice pass but now I have to pass all of them and they are going even faster. I blow by with ease. Keep on going and get to the next stop sign and wait. I don't see her looking over my left shoulder but I do see the Goldwing coming. No way I think and where is Denyse. Well she is right next to me on my right side. Yep just like in racing. Look on your left and they pass you on the right. Look on your right and they pass you on the left. Now as we are waiting for the others the wing is pulling up next to me. Oh no he hot rod it up to have a talk with me. Just great know I am going to have to listen to all this. Putting his live in my hands and all that. Heard it before.
Nope. He stops next to me with a big smile and laughs and says nice riding. And shakes my hand. It was Bill. As it turns out I was the only one that knew it was Bill until later. Off to Welch we go.
This is like my back yard now. and we are off. Well not far in there is a bike crash. There are like a dozen sport bikes on the side of the road. They flagged us on. We stop in the town of Welch and wait for others. We talk about the ride and the crash. Denyse the gal that she is decides to go back and check it out. But before she leave she say to me. Tuesday we ride again.
She went back and say we know the one that crashed. He is ok but the bike needs a tow. And all has been taken care of.
The rest of use head on to Hasting and stop for ice cream. What a day it was.
Stay tune for Tuesday ride.

General Banter / MotoGP Sepang The Clash
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:04:23 PM »
So what is everyone take on this.
the fans are on Rossi side.
Popularity for the four have all changed big time.
Pedrosa went down to 5%.
Marquez went down to 8%.
Jorge went down to 12%.
And Rossi. Well he went up way up to 75%.
Even Honda race director says that Marq was trying to stop Rossi championship success.
Only Pedrosa got it right. This is bad for everyone and MotoGP.
Jorge wants the championship handed to him.
Rossi is thinking about not going to the last race.
MotoGp is owned by the Spaniard's
Some thoughts.

General Banter / Ran into an old friend today.
« on: April 27, 2015, 12:45:33 AM »
Out riding Sunday and ran into an old friend I haven't seen in a long time. He was pretty nice really. At no charge he told me how actuate my speedometer was. It was right on the money. And there was no charge for this service.
The last time we meet was in downtown Redwing. Some guy in the group was doing wheelies right in town. Well he told me he lives just down the road and how nice these road are. I agreed and we left. We were back up to speed in a short time.
It was a great day of riding.

General Banter / Snowmobile ride.
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:25:56 PM »
I know the IMS was this weekend. I went snowmobiling up in the Arrowhead with some of my club members. On the way up on Hwy 35 I pass a van pulling a pair of sleds. What the heck it is Steve and Sue Miller. Quick roll down the window and we talk. To old to use cell phone so we just slow down 5 mph. Hey where are you going? Silver Bay. No way. What motel? AmericInn. No way. How many days? 3. No way. Get a call from Mike D. You going to the IMS. No we are on are way North and going by Your place. Well stop by and have lunch. Sure thing. So all of us plus my driver stop and had a great lunch and talked about saving the world. Right lol.
At the motel I meet and forum member. He said his name was John. He has ridden with us and Ray but he had so much head gear on I didn't recognize him. Maybe he will read this and say who he was.
Rode with Steve and Sue for 2 days and had a great time. We came home on Monday and they still went out for a short ride that morning as well. Hard core for sure.
Stopped on the way home and had lunch with Mike D. again. Another good day for sure. Lots of stories to tell.

General Banter / Crashed Toys .com
« on: November 24, 2012, 11:18:02 AM »
I stopped into this place the other day to take a look around. There are more motorcycles in there than anything else. The second most toys are these side by side ATVs that you ride like a truck. They look like a lot of fun but don't crash one. It looks like when they roll over there is a lot of damage to just about everything on it. A lot of them had front wheel and suppension damage. Completely riped off the machine. Which ripes out the gear case as well. It looks like you got to get a pretty good deal to come out on something likes this just to break even. And your labor would be free.

Of the bike you might say that there was two types there. Sportbikes and Harley's. I think the number was about equal. But it is what I notice about the two that is alarming to me. The sportbikes really had a lot of plastic damage. Some bent wheels and forks. The rest of them looked like they just slid off a turn because the y were going to fast.

Now those Harley are much different. All of them had front end damage. Yes there were some that had saddlebag damage but this was not really part of the main part of the crash. It was something do after the cause of the crash. Just falling over after it stopped.

It is the front end damage. All of them the front forks are snapped clean off. Clearly these bikes are running into something that doesn't give. And the other alarming thing is you know that they weren't wearing anything but sunglasses. It just looks like most of them died.

General Banter / What is my new bike like.
« on: June 16, 2012, 09:00:26 PM »
Well now that I have 4,300+ miles on it and one track day as of yesterday here is what I think. It is not a Honda that is for sure and I really like Honda's. The CBR did flip from side to side just a little bit easier, just a little. The tests say that the Kawi weigh 2 lbs less than the Honda so you would think I didn't feel this way about it. Seating feels the same on both. The fit and finish are both good but the Honda looks like they had a few more engineers than the Kawi team. Just little things like the way the mirrors are made or that there is a place to put the owners manual in the bike. The Honda shifted better also mostly when I down shift. On the track the Honda I could down shift like it was a 2 stroke and the Kawi I fan the clutch. The new suspension work get and is better than my Honda but the Honda comes with the same thing this year so I would think they are the same now. Power both bike have a lot but the Kawi pulls much harder and I mean harder, it is fast. When riding with some one with a bike like my old one the new bike went around it like it was a 600. The power button, there is 3 settings and there is a big difference in them. I used this to help break in the motor. I think the settings are 60%, 80%, and 100%. How about the ABS. Well my old bike didn't have it and this one does. I can say that it works great. I don't know that the front one ever works but I know it is. I can do a small stoppie with it. The back brake I can tell when it starts to work and on the track I can lock it up and then it lets go something I do on my own when I am at high top speed coming into a slow tight corner. And now the last thing the tracksion control. I really wanted this because it is the latest and greatest new thing to have at a good price. I really didn't know what to think of it until the track day. For me I think I can go faster with out it. Maybe this is because I am not using it to it's fullest. I think the way you are suppose to us it it to go into the corner to fast and trail brake in and then let the TC  bring it back in and hold the throttle wide open. The way I used it was to go into the corner at the speed I think I can go and crack the throttle wide open and then it slides out and then comes back. This slows the bike down by lowering the power output. When I was on the track I use the throttle like I was ridding a 600, just snap it wide open. When I shut it off I had to use throttle management. I could barley open the gas about 1/4 and the tire was slipping out and I was going dam fast and at the end of the straight away I was 10 mph faster. So I really like the new bike and wouldn't trade it for nothing. Oh and one last thing that lap timer it come with. I put 80 laps on Friday and not once could I remember to push the button on every lap. I would remember a couple of turns latter every time. Oh well there you have it.

General Banter / Good day or bad?
« on: April 18, 2012, 10:50:33 PM »
So I get a call from Hope today and she wants to know if I would like to go ride into Welch. Sure right after work will that work. It's a go and she comes over to my house and away we go. Just as we were getting on Hwy 52 ramp my cell goes off so I pull over to see who it is. Well it's Leo's and they said that the bike is at the docks but that is all he knows right now. Good new right. So off to Welch we go. We get into town and I cross the bridge and make the left turn going South. I look in my right mirror to see if she is ok and I don't see her. So I quick turn around my right shoulder and I hear this screaming engine noise from my left. I turn around and here is that little teany weany 250 passing me. You racers know what I mean when you turn to one side and they are passing you on the other. What the H___! What was Lloyd teaching her in that class last weekend in that what ever you call it day beginners day. We get into Vasa and she says I didn't know you could ride that bike that fast. WHAT! WHAT! Turns around and rides it back leading all the way. No brake lights perfect lines. I was holding my breath. We get to the end and she says that things are starting to click. Lloyd when is that next class. There are 2 girls on this forum that can pass me I need to sign up right away. This is turning into a bad day. Then I noticed all this white grease on her chain and then I remeber that I put that on there the day before. So that's why the bike is so fast. Well I left her to ride on her own and went home. Get there and the phone is ringing and it is Leo's again and they said that the bike is on a truck and should be here in about a week. Now that is good news because I need something to stop the girls from passing me.

Off Topic / Time to take a break from group rides.
« on: March 26, 2012, 09:13:36 PM »
Red Green Show - Toilet Power

General Banter / Motorcycle license who needs one
« on: February 20, 2012, 08:56:10 AM »
Did you know that Jorge Lorenzo doesn't have a motorcycle license. He is going to school to take his test. Do you think he will pass. He might not pass the speed limit part of the test.

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