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Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:41:36 PM »
I have seen almost all the sport touring tires run the gammit of sub 3500 miles to over 7000 miles.

I recently had a C14 come in with almost 11k on his PR4's..........

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: October 03, 2018, 04:26:48 PM »
 I spent a few hours looking over some sales data on tires..........

Dunlop RSIII has outsold every other sport touring tire I have sold by a huge margin (more RSIII than all other sport touring tires combined)

when I look at some of the follow up customer data on tire life and thoughts.........
Some riders are getting ~ the same mileage out of whatever tire they ride on (cost analysis shows the RSIII was still the best choice)
A few riders did get a significant mileage bump with a specific tire, or even several sets of that tire (really driving cost of the RSIII for some riders, but others did fair better on PR2 or Pirelli Angel GT or even the Avon offering---- but at the huge cost difference, the RSIII was still the cost per mile economy choice with great feedback and pretty good life)
A couple even got less miles (2 people actually, both ran 2 sets so to not say it was a fluke, one of them was less by 800 miles than his typical PR2 on the first set but less by 1300 miles on the second- he did do more two up/fully loaded on that second set- but given he has been roughly running 6700 and 7200 miles on those........ it was about a 0-14% loss of miles v the 32-45% reduction in cost
tire cost alone
$185 x 2 sets = $370 / 13,900 miles = .02662 cents per mile on the RSIII
$270 x 2 sets = $540 / 16,080 miles = .03358 cents per mile on PR2
$340 x 2 sets = $680 / 14,183 miles = .04794 cents per mile on PR3 (he also ran a lone set of PR4 and they netted him even less miles, so higher per mile cost)
$330 x 2 sets = $660 / 13,860 miles = .04762 cents per mile on Angel GT

I am not saying cost is everything, as we all know Motorcycles are for fun and while cost plays some role, it is not the deciding role- hell it may not even be in the top 10 factors for some.....

Just for perspective;
Load range E tires on the truck
$1120. for the tires- they get 45,000 miles........... that is a .0249 cents per mile cost (much more cost effective than motorcycle tires)

if you look at any ecobox car that routinely gets 30+ mpg and has tires that are sub $400/set and last 40,000+ miles-------if you are looking for cost effective transportation, do not buy a motorcycle!
gear, consumables, routine maintenance costs, insurance etc...  all tolled would be triple or more on most any bike v any reasonably economical car

Smiles per mile, or smiles per dollar spent.........a motorcycle always wins!........... atleast for me and most enthusiasts it does

Off Topic / Re: Hello? Are you there?!
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:16:26 PM »
8 people post

11 people vote



Off Topic / Re: Hello? Are you there?!
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:40:48 PM »
 I check more than weekly, but certainly not daily

I loathe facebook and have zero interest in it or anything to with it- I do not even look at the mn-msta facebook page once a month, likely far less....... the only reason I have a facebook page at all is for the work page and to play words with friends (scrabble)- which is getting old as too many ads and bullshit now...... And the work page likely is not really a necessity- but I do get plenty of people to follow it and view all the posts of the horrible state of crap that arrives- so apparently there is some entertainment and educational value???!!!???  But it does make sending pictures to customers easier and faster as well (for those on facebook)   anyways..
 I would rather everything was still on the forum, one location all tidy and neat- absolutely zero reason to have two locations IMO. My opninon is you simply split the views in half, you sure are not doubling them.... niether page is doing well- you have a few (very few) people post in either with any kind of routine

 When I first joined (somewhere around mid 2008 i was invited to join), I joined in on rides pretty much every weekend, then I started to lead a few sporatically, then....  After about 2 years I began to host and lead rides every weekend for a few years--- but then;
 we started to see threads about "if you can join a ride" or "we agree we disagree bullshit" as a result of the idiot crew that joined about that same time and was stealing routes to share and make claim as their own, they were posting stupid ass videos - misrepresenting the club, they would instigate fights on the forum etc........ The forum was no fun after all that shit- so I decided it was not worth my time nor effort to participate any longer

 So in short..... On rides; people became more and more douchebags about complaining and pissy pooing because they didn't get to ride how they wanted or where they wanted or there were not enough stops or too many stops-- you know- too lazy to take charge but just brazen enough to complain about it all............ then some of the idgits decided to go on crashing spree's- which is never any fun for anyone- regardless how low the damage factor is from said crash, I had numerous people complaining to me about others and always gossiping about this that and the other guy...

On the forum; same people and others got all butt hurt about being called out for their stupidity and ignorance "riding my fjr like a jackass" videos and some such bs ~ plus the northern cities group posting up dumbass videos of them riding like jackasses and giving the impression that all mn-msta rides are that way (even though most of the pople depicted in the videos only (at most) joined 1 or 2 rides ever and never actually organized or really participated in the forum at all)- then of course who can forget the then "leader" of the club jumping to all those idgits defense and banning me over making my point because he did not or would not publicly agree but did agree in private (and actually went out of his way to point out some of what others said or were doing in order to solicit a response from me- a response he knew damn well would be harsh and abrasive, but needed and on point).................. and lets certainly not forget those who were taking route sheets and sharing them with other groups and claiming it as their own work etc..... (again said leader of the day sending me notifications to solicit a response to call them out- only to banish me for doing so)

So I started doing invite only rides which were simply follow the leader and no route sheet provided and doing more and more riding solo and mostly ignoring the forum......... which is how it has been the past several years now

 Now I basically ride by myself except the rare occassion I set something up privately or actually decide to attend someone elses ride--which those public rides never thrill me anyways- too many unknown people with their own ideas of what/where/when things need to happen... and none of them willing to actually take charge and be a leader! (hell just look at the two open rides I attended this year.......... )

 I have said it numerous times, when I LEAD- you follow how I lead or you get out of my group- those are your only two options!...........  I have zero tolerance for people to be pissy pooing or throwing temper tantrums because they didn't get their way....... My thought- you want it your way- you lead and set your own rules, see who wants to follow you.
 That'll be the true measure if people like your style or not, and ironically enough- I always have tons of followers, despite my rules, abrasiveness and intolerance of ignorance and stupidity
 I go ride to enjoy myself and have fun, not to babysit a bunch of overindulgent whiny crybabies.... If others enjoy my ride too- awesome, if not- there is the door please use it!

So ;

 Why do I not participate like I once did............ Just read the post in its entirety- the "leader" at the time killed the forum for me by defending the idgits and fucktards who ironically enough are the result of the then "leader" too, by trying to recruit anyone and everyone to "grow the club"

Do I welcome a change in leadership- you bet.......... Do I think it will ever be what it once was to me, likely not

 Would I participate more in the forum if it was more active and more a members only deal (not so open to the public)....... ABSOLFUCKINGLUTELY

General Banter / Re: Yep
« on: August 28, 2018, 10:58:55 AM »
Isn't that book about some father son motorcycle trip?
A few customers have mentioned it........ I do not see how it relates to motorcycle maintenance really, especially not the art there of!

I mean maybe they had some mechaincal breakdowns they needed to address, still isn't about the art of motorcycle maintenance.........

cell phone............. Shut it off, throw it in the tank bag and use only for emergencies.........oh wait, I got in trouble last ride for doing just that......... ;)_
 but that is my thought on a cell phone, use only when absolutely necessary otherwise ringer off and let it be far away from me, or just shut it off all together and have peace and quiet

General Banter / Re: Yep
« on: August 27, 2018, 04:01:30 PM »
Fast is always relative, and one persons fast is another persons reckless abandon, and still another person slow......

Curvy roads, there is no other road worth riding on!

Empty head...............personally when I ride, my head is always full......... I am positive I would not ride if my head was empty, way too much information to soak in and make actions from

but that ... fill your soul.......... Now that I 100% agree with you on!

BE......... interpretative I suppose.... but not so much for me based on my interpretation of BE

So I guess we can agree on 2/5........... 40%, another failing grade I suppose, that first one we may or may not agree on, since it is so subjective........maybe we are 3/5 and 60% ???

 but I do have a yep...........
 Customers, not all but some- would be far better off to never speak a word, just drop off bike and pick up bike and never utter a single word!!!

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: Observations....
« on: August 22, 2018, 09:19:24 PM »
Just for the topic of discussion......... Imagine if you will, you were riding your motorcycle in the above scenario....

Are you really going to stay on any part of the road with a 6 ton idiot bearing down on you in your lane?

 Because I can think of atleast a half dozen times I have been on group rides where some oncoming idgit in a truck/car/suv etc has;
 come around a curve too fast and the timing has been such we as a group have been right in the path of destruction if they did not navigate successfully, one of those such times we all ended up stopping out in the shoulder---may well have been a bigger risk in doing so?!?
been passing traffic right into the groups path where we have had to brake and move over to the shoulder to keep from becoming hood ornaments
I even experienced 2 idgits on motorcycles passing around a left hand curve (blind to them) in my lane a line of cars where I actually had to drive across the oncoming traffic lane and into the ditch to keep from getting hit head on by those two fucktards...... guess what two letter sticker (pronouncing the idiot club they belonged to) they proudly displayed on their bikes!!!

and of course there have also been times motorcycle riders have been the ones running wide, up on top of the painted stripe or even beyond it, and they (oncoming traffic) did the evasive move to the shoulder or beyond to avoid us on top of the countless times nobody happen to be there, that time..........borrowed time and luck, sooner or later timing and luck will not be on ones side...

Safety and Riding Tips / Observations....
« on: August 21, 2018, 10:54:47 PM »
So today I pulled out the Mustang,  I was waiting on parts to arrive so instead of taking the truck I went out in the Mustang and decided I would high tail it over to Hastings to pay my insurance policies......... plus stretch its legs a bit, it has been sorely neglected in the being driven department

So I turn off 42 onto 42 (55 goes straight into town, 42 puts you down under the 61 bridge next to the river... "old downtown")

So as I pass the 2nd curve and get along to the "long" downhill section........ a couple small rolling hills but mostly downhill before you get to town and the hospital etc....

I see a pick up truck (duelly) pulling a trailer and even from as far away as I was I could see it was on/over the centerline, knowing the timing was about going to have us meet past the crest of the next rise I was slowing and had the right wheels pretty much picking up gravel as I was that close to the edge....
 As I crest the hill the guy is coming towards me taking up about half my lane now- I've got my high beams on, I am on the horn and still doing about 30, but off the gas.......Idgit doesn't move
 The slope of the ditch is steep, steep enough if I went full in- I likely would not drive back out....  Mustang has sub 4" of ground clearance and fat tires...... not looking forward to that scenario and then there is that whole......what is hiding in that foot tall grass?

 Well he never did move, so at around 15mph I end up driving 3/4 of the car deep into the grass with only the left 2 wheels on pavement as we pass (and by on the pavement, I think it was only about 1/2 the tires actually on the pavement and half in the gravel shoulder- so car is steeply leaned over to the right), guy is looking right at me as we pass and he still didn't swerve back into his lane, if anything he continued to drift further into my lane, I swear he was taking almost the entire lane now.........FYI mowing grass with the splitter and having the gravel shoulder get abused by the undercarriage is not a sound you really want to hear, ever.....

 So as I pull back up onto the road surface with all 4 wheels and travel about 300 yards to the first driveway I came to, I had thought about whipping a U-ee and running him down, but I had the dash camera running and have his plates....... No need to go confront the idiot jackweed retard, because best case scenario;
  he acknowledges he is an idgit and continues to be one the rest of his life and nothing changes
 Worst case sceanrio someone gets hurt, which means lengthy time dealing with all those legalities....
 (So as I look over the car, grass stains all over the front, grass clumps hanging down under the car and grass and seeds packed in tight to the brake ducts and in between the splitter and bumper and there is some what looks like hard scrape marks all over the aero pan. Hell there was grass hangin down from both rear shock bottoms and the sway bars and I could see the differential was digging gravel)

Anyways- I went and paid for my insurances, and then headed over to the local popo
they knew who the guy was by name as soon as I showed them the video, they now have my memory card and hopefully they exact some justice- idgits like this retard should lose their license and be sent to jail for lengthy stays! (maybe a judge should also access some punitive damages for the 3+ hours I spent cleaning my car......!!! Plus the cost of a new memory card)

 I get home and in order to remove the couple pounds of grass and weed seeds out of the splitter and brake ducts, stuck in the entire undercarriage,  clean out both radiators and even found seeds all over in the air box (cold air intake is in the nose) and under the rear of the hood over the cabin air filter area...... I end up having to pull off the splitter and aero pan, ducts and even the lower intake grill, and to do it all really requires up on a lift...... fun fun when at home with a jack and jackstands

 Oh people are wonderfully stupid and idiotic when driving sometimes and we have all encountered them on occassion........ This time I was able to get away with only having to waste a few hours cleaning the time it may be different

 Even seeing, observing and acting is not always enough......... Sometimes the actions needed are not the actions chosen

Stay aware and make sure you are always paying attention!!!

~What could I have done differently......... ?? I had about 8 seconds (according to dash cam) from first seeing him til we physically passed each other.....
My car can come to a complete stop in sub 8 seconds from 60ish easily, hell it can do it in sub 4 seconds on dry roads.....

-Should I have jumped all over the brakes and stopped short of ever getting to the hill?, then what? Still a steep ditch on both sides... Am I supposed to sit and wait at that point and hope he doesn't hit me? get out of the car and run?........... I did see there was a driveway/road just short of where I actively was slowing (could have jumped on the brakes and turned off I suppose.....but who thinks some idgit is going to continue on in your lane indefinitely???)- or possibly stopped and had to back into that driveway quickly???

-Should I have floored it and gotten over the hill crest sooner, would have given the idgit retard another couple seconds of staring at high beams to move??? if he was even looking up (probably wasn't)
 I still could have jumped all over the brakes and gotten to sub 20 and driven it into the ditch if need be (likely would have been about the same outcome IMO), but who can predict if the ditch over the hill is the same as before the hill? Where debris is or which is the "safer" choice
I didn't know- I was just thankful the sign post was further ahead than I needed to use and the field access driveway was beyond that, still sucked to have to go into the ditch at all

The bottom of the ditch is about 5' below the road and pretty steep actually....... I was on the gas and the rear of the car was definitely in the ditch as I pulled out, pretty much high centering cresting over the gravel edge

There is todays horror story of stupid idgits encountered......

Stay alert and stay alive...

 Someone who shall not remain annonymous rode with idgits Sunday and two of them ended up out in the bean field off A..... You know heading south that first decreasing radius right hander that is 95% of the time littered with gravel/sand
Maybe he will post about his encounter.......

General Banter / Re: It's not my ride.
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:54:19 PM »
They make bras you know.
Just as Erich bras allowed on track that are not under your clothing

besides duct tape is also referred to as "racers tape", "go fast tape"............. and I wanted to race and go fast..... lol

(okay maybe pretend I could do both that day, so I must have needed more tape........)

General Banter / Re: It's not my ride.
« on: August 18, 2018, 08:53:12 AM »
2 second following distance always applies IMO
if not for your own safety and the safety of those around you................... think of the vehicle, who wants unnecessary rock chips in their paint??

I have gone on a few of the Mustang group drives, they aren't enamoured with me lingering out of rock ding range, so I just ride at the back and follow with nobody behind me now...... Then nobody says boo about my being a few hundred yards back
 I have done a car trackday at RA, much more like our weekend rides, and it is hard to not end up right on someones ass multiple times everylap.......... I had the entire front of my car covered in duct tape just for this reason........ While a few made fun of it, when I peeled it off and didn't have a ding anywhere and they looked at their cars and had multiple, some then understood.............

Just some mmore worthless information sparking more conversation.............

General Banter / Re: It's not my ride.
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:55:45 PM »
Just for clarity I did edit my post a wee bit............language removed and clarity of a couple scattered ramblings and a funnny follow up story at the end............

General Banter / Re: It's not my ride.
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:14:05 PM »
hey, I went on this ride too....

yeah that volunteer to lead all these rides, I heard he is really slow in WI too......better not follow him anymore.... But damn he sure picks the best roads. I always end up in his group somehow- usually right there at the front,  with plenty of followers...... funny how that happens!

 I remember seeing that other group(you know the group that was going to not go the scenic way, just get tothe  Nelson route sheet start) pull in to our 2nd fuel stop and thinking .........  wow they got there (Rockton BBQ), ate and are already this far back.... Man I knew we were going slow and all those "extra" miles but this is ridiculous... only to find out they were behind us, boy they must have had some issue somewhere.. nope no issues- they sat around shooting the shit waiting on my group to show up to a place I never intended to go and would have had to of backtracked atleast 10 miles to get there......  and even had sent a text saying so from the first fuel stop......... but the reply (from leader of group 2) came much after I was back on the road, so I did not even know there was a reply til that other group leader told me so, then I turn on my phone.... yup 4 text messages from him blast in.... I was needed in Arcadia apparently

oh well .......... WE ALL GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN (that damn "slow" leader leading the way with everyone in tow)
so the route sheet looks like 55 miles to Rockton still, so off we go (apparently leader of Group A didn't have the same route sheet as leader of group B, so there was some discrepencies back in the followers ranks when the group was headed a direction they did not understand....
 So yep, I was following that route sheet to a T since picking up the route at the T/D intersection south of Arcadia
So traveling along and the designated road simply ends- now it has another name and two choices to go- I pause at the stop and a bike come zipping on by half way through the intersection with a few choice words for me. or maybe he was coming up to thank me for leading?
Yep- well I am just following the route sheet, not sure if we go left or straight the name changed??? much got lost in the translation and it was HOT, so damn hot and humid the sweat was in my eyes and I can hardly see, and hearing is out of the question at this point...... you know- new ear plugs and all, got to protect that hearing too, oh wait no rocket girl, I could have ridden without ear plugs this day........................... got to get moving again and have some wind evaporate that sweat away so I can see again......... you know Visual skills and safety....... Have to have that safety!!!

 I was thinking to myself how good everyone has been all day thus far with their following distances, well mostly anyways..... whew- what a relief they are finally listening!

 So supposedly another 1.8 miles I am supposed to find this road to turn on and head over to the covetted P
1.5 miles better slow down, don't want to pass it, 2.0 miles- man there is nothing in sight resembling any roads, 4 miles- Screw this, wick it up and lets find something/anything...... I am starving by now and still too hot---you know we were going too damn slow to cool off

So we come to another "T" We all pull over, someone pulls out a paper map- someone else a phone and someone makes a decision we are to go ^that way and points, then we will meet xyz and turn left and that takes us right there........

 So I jump on the bike and go ^ that way (the way I was told), planning on then turning left on xyz and it will take us right into LaFarge......... slowly at first trying to have everyone catch up, first one bike, a mile later another, a couple miles later I occassionally see more headlights......... Screw this- too damn hot to go this slow, wick it up and lets get that wind tunnel blowing through these leathers......(perhaps it was how windy the road was and the followers were actually using good judgement in their
 So, I do not know maybe 10 miles later we come to some totally different road than what they said we would come to...... I pull into town and pull into the kwik know about 50 miles from where we are supposed to be by now and people (probably not everyone)  agrees Rockton BBQ is just grilled chicken with some sauce, it isn't really BBQ at all and not worth the effort to get there at this point........ food anywhere is as good or better

 We start to discuss further lunch options.... I walk across the street to the ice cream shop under the guise of seeing if they serve food too.... nope but they were nicely air-conditioned inside and that mint bon bon cone sure felt good going down....
okay so I walk back across the hiway......looked both ways and didn't make the traffic stop you know......NOT...too damn hot out, pedestrians have the right of way this day
 Ice cream guy told me the bar 2 blocks down was really good, off we go.......apparently the last one there was supposed to buy for everyone.... twasn't me......
I wonder who was as they did not pay for everyone, and some reimbursement is order .... damn vamboozled again...

So yep- several decided to run straight up 35....OMG I would not do that from south of LaCrosse even if you paid me! Hell I was unwilling to do that to even get to Nelson... NOWAY NOHOW am I doing that

 We are getting ready to depart Vince is over there wringing his hands over the condition of his tire.... I had to take a peak at it,,,,,,,oh that is bad, real bad
25 miles in to heading to P and I am thinking no way no how can he make the 57 mile round trip down and back on P, hell he probably can't even get to home most likely.... off north we go, picking the route sheet back up and following that past Arcadia, then off course again (you know how I like my deviations to better roads!!!)
Losing riders like Vince says, dropping off like flies....... really we likely were not far behind either even with our extra miles

But as we pull up north on 35 to 63 intersection...........county sherriff is racing us to that stop sign- I hit my brakes even harder and let him win, but just by .08 seconds...... he wins, so I wave him on by- he heads off east while we head off north......

 Up ahead several hundred yards is a white diesel truck, he is going pretty good because we are barely catching him (Vince tire conservation mode and all)  but he keeps dipping two wheels into the gravel and we have to keep riding through his dust cloud, then it is all de-regulated and rolling coal several times- like everytime he touched the throttle
 So about 15 miles later we are right on him, time to go........ I can see the passing lane and all clear- hit it, truck jumps to the throttle too, too slow sucker. We are going by....
 Oh damn it, that is a squad SUV right there in the dip in the road, well too late now, already going well above the speed limit and ahead of the truck just a touch..... have to complete the pass and roll back in line, leaving room for Dave and Vince......... then rolling off the gas
Damn he has his lights on already and that damn diesel truck must have fantastic brakes, he is stopped before he even reached the squad.... I see him whip the U turn and I am already sub 20 and on the shoulder, Dave right behind me and that white car (yes we were going to do a twofer) is stopping ahead of me............. As I put down my sidestand Vince goes rolling by ahead of the car WTF.....
I see the hood of the SUV stop next to me but then he peels out and takes off before I even turn my head, whew dodged a bullet thanks Vince you can eat this one.........

 So from our vantage point we cannot see what is going on ahead of the SUV but did suddenly see Vince bee-lining it down the hill into the woods.....
 I look at Dave and am like WTF.... ,maybe we should just go------ Dave is like......"no he said for us to wait here, was that Vince?"............ replied- yep
Then we are both in the WTF stage..........

Sherriff Suv whips another u turn shooting gravel all over and rolls up slowly powering down the window, I am thinking/hoping he is just going to send us on our way...... NOPE
Pull up there behind your buddy and stop...... ugh- this can't be good.. WTH did Vince say and why isn't this guy chasing him down into the woods..... (Did he throw us under the bus?)

 He comes out and asks if we knew what the speed limit is,,,,,,, someDAVEone plays dumb- no......... I am just like yes, it is 55
Officer is like, and how fast were you going?
me, no idea but we were passing that truck when you got us, he was throwing rocks and blowing smoke all over us
"blowing smoke?" the officer looks puzzled
Yeah, rolling coal, when they deregulate a diesel and everytime you touch the throttle black stinky smoke comes belching out the pipe

the officer smiles, yep I wouldn't like that either nor like having to dodge rocks
Nope, I exclaim, I just needed to get by and move on for safety
"well you cannot go that fast on this road" (It started with a 7 since some of you are dying to know) the speed limit is 55
Yes, well I am not going to linger out in the oncoming traffic lane and being behind him was unsafe so we had to pass, so as soon as we got to the passing lane and it was clear I did

about then Vince finally returns from his 10th time peeing today..... damn maybe you have a bladder infection or something, or maybe you are just too old..... (funny follow up to this later)

 So we are standing around waiting on our ID's to be returned and officer two shows up "back up"............. you remember that officer I waved on by at 63/35 and let him WIN the stopping race..........damn good that I was so nice, he didn't change officer #1's mind on letting us go............ See niceness occassionally does pay off.
 We get back our info and I am set to go, damn, parked too close up under Vinces bike and he is slow to get a move on....... can't sit here all day, we got to go.....
 Vince finally pulls away, I thought he ran out of fuel he was going so slow
So I did the courteous thing and blasted on by and blazed a path into Prescott guaranteeing them free reign to ride as wanted (which apparently was about 40mph judging by how far back they were.... that tire must be worse than I thought)
I make it across just before the bridge goes up because........... yep- Vince pulls into freedom to pee yet again, seriously dude, get that checked (keep staying tuned in for that funny follow up on this)

 They get stranded in Prescott for this tiny little boat long enough for me to get to the gas station near home, fill up and get the bike parked at home just in time to receive his text with  a pic of the tiny boat they opened the bridge for...... lol

And that is my story and I am sticking to it............. lol (revised slightly for language and a little more clarity)

Vince now has a Pirelli Rosso Corsa in 200 size that has 6/32" tread depth..........lets see if he can make more than 2 rides with this one before it too is toasted and can be sold to some wannabe racer as a slick..........
  edited for language and clarity-- I guess I was a ltitle scattered with a few points and a certain someone mentioned the language...... ruhroh

So the follow up funny story.............
 Vince did go to the doctor the next moring and has a kidney stone------- Hopefully next ride he does not need as many potty breaks........

There now we are complete..........

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: August 13, 2018, 06:05:01 PM »
Well I gave Vince an "only" ......  half used up Rosso Corsa today, he might be able to make 3 rides with that tire........... lol

Got to wear out that front before putting on any of the brand new sets laying around the garage ;) or some such bullshit

At this rate he will be in the same boat I just went through.......... installing brand new "old" tires......

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:40:28 AM »
Tire management

I think the leaders pace (since the leader slowed down, kept to the edges of the tire on twisty roads at steady speed and kept you in check) and of course cutting some miles off helped more than anything.......... but that there sets a bad example

prime example of how far not to ride your tire!

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: August 12, 2018, 08:19:41 PM »
So just a quick follow up.........  someoneVINCEwho shall remain annonymous, showed up today with a tire already ready for the recycler......... but he mustered another 490 miles out it............
Smooth edge to edge but no cords..... ugh

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