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General Banter / Re: Colour me old...
« on: June 18, 2018, 07:25:57 AM »
Our son went on a ride similar to that last year, put on by a dealer in Lakeville.  It was not the dealer's fault, but the riders all thought that they were on a track day, and did not need to obey speed limits or street signs.  Everyone thought they had the fastest bike, and were trying to prove it.  He said he felt safer a few years ago, when he was driving a truck in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He never went on one of those rides again.  Guess he found something more dangerous than driving a semi-truck full of jet fuel in a war.

General Banter / Re: Volunteering at STAR 2018
« on: June 05, 2018, 07:05:32 PM »
It is not that there is a shortage of volunteers, as there is always room for more, to make it easier for everyone.  I was informed a few months ago, and again by another person tonight, that has been involved with many STAR's, that most of the volunteers do the volunteering at the event.
Another words, when people register, they ask what they can do to help?

They find it a way to meet new people and learn more about MSTA.  That is how we got involved a few years ago at STAR, and now have friends from New Mexico and Texas that we only see at STAR and they will be in La Crosse, and helping.

But, back to a few comments posted, if you are from the MN-WI area and know the La Crosse area, then it is always nice to have you as a volunteer.  It not only shows the support of the MN MSTA Members, but you can also give some very helpful advice to people that do not know the area.

We will see you in La Crosse in a few days.

General Banter / Re: Volunteering at STAR 2018
« on: June 05, 2018, 06:22:45 PM »
Thanks Vince.  There is always room for volunteers at any event.  It makes it easier for everyone.  We will see you in a few days in La Crosse.

Introductions / Re: New member - nickname is Mittens
« on: June 04, 2018, 03:46:17 PM »
Hello Mittens / Andy,
If you have any questions about STAR 2018 in La Crosse, you can check the national forum that naustin sent to you, or send a PM to me and I will answer your questions also.  Over half the people are arriving before the official start on Sunday night to enjoy the riding, and some are staying past Thursday morning also.
This link will take you to the STAR 2018 folder that has had posting since June 2017.
We hope you can make it to La Crosse this next week.

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: May 10, 2018, 06:28:51 AM »
Welcome to the group. 

You can make your first MSTA event in June at STAR 2018 in La Crosse, WI
Hope to see you there.  Ride the Driftless area with many twisty roads.
See other postings under Rides/Get Togethers on this forum.

General Banter / Re: Happy Equinox!!
« on: April 12, 2018, 12:15:16 PM »

Routes / STAR 2018 in La Crosse Routes
« on: March 19, 2018, 07:31:27 PM »
Routes are being posted for STAR 2018 in La Crosse on the National MSTA forum,

Check under Events then STAR 2018 folder.  As of now, there are 10 routes posted by Minnesota's Ray Kang.  More to come in the near future.

Great routes Ray.

If you have not registered for STAR yet, now is the time.  You will probably never have the opportunity to have another National STAR Event this close to Minnesota, where you can show MSTA Members from North America and some from the UK the great riding that we have near us.  Great Riding, seminars, great get-together's and much more.

General Banter / Re: HAPPY SOLSTICE!
« on: December 21, 2017, 01:34:56 PM »
I was listening to the TV news in the garage this morning when they announced Winter had begun.  It made me so happy, because we are getting closer to the Riding Season in Minnesota. :banana: :banana:
Thanks for the posting and Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year!

Also, registration has opened for STAR 2018 in La Crosse, WI this year.  Check it out on the forum and register for a great time with the national group.


General Banter / Re: MS River Road Run Ride
« on: July 28, 2017, 11:34:27 AM »
22 days until the MS River Road Run Ride.  The route is not on interstate highways, and very little 4 lane roads.  It was ridden on a few weeks ago on a Saturday and had very little traffic.  Not like the roads in WI going south along the river, or east.

You can sign-up for the Ride at Leo's on Saturday morning, but it is preferred to register before hand to help plan for the food.

This "Ride at your Own Pace" provides a route booklet as well as signs marking the route and followed by a trailer in case someone requires assistance.

If you cannot make the whole ride, you can also sign-up for just the banquet at Hayward, WI.  There will be a silent auction with many great items to bid on to help support the MS Society.


General Banter / MS River Road Run Ride
« on: May 31, 2017, 04:17:21 PM »
The MS River Road Run, is a ride to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. This years date is Aug. 19-20, 2017, starting in Lakeville, MN at Leo's and heading to Hastings, then following the river on the Wisconsin side taking back roads to Grantsburg, Danbury and Solon Springs before ending on Saturday at Hayward,WI.  Sunday we head back to Hastings and then to home wherever that might be for the rider.

This is a "One of a Kind- Ride at your Own Pace"
Charity Event to Benefit the MS Society
For more details and Register Online At:

Or, contact me for more details.

The Interceptor has arrived in Houston, TX last week.  I received and email telling me he rode it a short distance at low speed to get his TX state inspection sticker and has new tires on order so he can test the Interceptor's capabilities.  He says he is glad he did not pass it up.

One of the potential buyers that asked a lot of questions, after I informed him it was sold, he told me he thought I was too low of price and that is why he was questioning the purchase.  Now he wishes he had bought it.  He said Haggerty says it is valued at $4,500+, even with a few imperfections that I pointed out to him.  Oh well, I sold it at what I thought was a fair price, being I am not into the collector market.

FYI to anyone, if you give someone your bank account number to wire money to, they can also withdraw from that account without your permission.  Do as I do, have a separate account and keep it empty and only for such situations.  That separate bank account will come in handy if I do some more wire transfers.

Thanks for the offer Ray.  I am going to Austin, TX to COTA in Sep., I work part time for the new SCCA Pro Racing F4 Series.  But, he wanted it sooner and then our son and I were going to deliver in April also.  But, he deals with a shipping company a lot and found one that will pick up at my door for $600 and I don't have to crate it either, as most wanted.  So we decided to have them ship it.

Darn! I was hoping to take a look at his collection.  Well maybe in Sep. my wife and I will go there also while in Austin.
He wants me to look at some other cycles that need some attention.  Maybe I will have another winter project, or projects.

In the meantime, I need to check over the ST1100 for the season and STAR.  See you there.



Hey Ray,  I think you were correct that I was selling the VF750F for too low of price.   I had a few more to tell me that is was too low.  I also listed on and had 4 very interested people just from there contact me, from WI, ID, CA and OH, plus several so so interested.  They were very  interested and as it turned out, a friend from Houston, TX bought it for $3000.00 yesterday.  He wanted it so bad, that from the time of the first email in the morning to time money was transferred to my account was less than 3 hours.  He collects cycles and needs this for his collection.  He wanted to make sure that nobody got it first and offered the extra $.  It all started with me sending an email to him late last week.  His first email was I want it, do you deliver?  I thought he was joking.  He offered another $1000 to deliver, but as of today, we are going to ship it.

Thanks to everyone that had suggestions about the V45, even though none of it concerned him which I told him, as he is a friend.  He is going to have new tires ready when it arrives so he can install before riding.  He keeps all his bikes in ride condition and rides a different bike all the time.
Gee I was hoping to deliver to see his collection of cycles and cars.  FYI, he has a warehouse full of cars over 100, most are not his.  He has a business storing and maintaining mostly Ferrari's for people.
Now on to the next project.

Here is some more information to think about from a friend:
- because of the cam problem many of these bikes didn't survive.
- in the end, clean original unmolested bikes are the most desirable collector bikes, including warts like the cam oiling problem
- if this bike doesn't have cam problems and is original it is even more valuable than one that has been modified. For collectors originality, warts and all is always the most desirable.

To go along with these comments, the engine is very quiet, no cam noise like a a bike with cam problems would have.


Strange that you mention the cam oiling situation.  I had someone else ask me if it had the update.  Here is what I discovered today.

I worked at Mankato Honda 1976-1986 as the Service Manager, but could not remember the whole situation on the cams.  I bought this bike from the original owner about 1.5 yr ago and unfortunately she died unexpectedly 7 months go.  So I could not ask her about the update.  I called a few Honda dealers, that I had hoped would have some answers as a way to tell, as Honda did sometimes put a stamp or some form of designation on the engine when a major program was performed.

Nobody could tell me if there was such a stamp or way to tell.  That was in the days when warr claims were submitted on paper.  I finally got referred to a guy that repairs old cycles and he is from that vintage of cycles.  He even owned a V65 at that time.  He told me that if it has oil lines from the base of the engine up to the cam area, that was part of the program and it was completed.

This bike has the oil lines on it.  He also said some people tried to make their own lines in later years, and were not always steel lines.  These lines are steel and have the Honda look.

This did not happen with all bikes.  There are several still available for sale on sites with over 50,000 miles.  None are all Honda original parts, such as exhaust, and some have a blue tank on red bike, or lots of dents. 

This VF750F has original parts and paint. 

Hope this helps to answers the question.  Now that you have the answer, you must be interested in buying this bike, or you would not have posted the comment.


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