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General Banter / Economics.....
« on: March 20, 2019, 06:02:32 PM »
So you need new tires;
 You have ridden your bike some 66,000 miles and been through your fair share of tires (you should know what you like and what you don't and what different mileages you got out of them)

You have run Michelin PR2 and PR3 and liked them and claim to have gotten about 10,000 miles out of each set (before I worked on the bike ever, so I cannot verify)
I know you ran the Roadtec 01's and got 7600 miles
I know you ran a set of T30GT's and got 5400 miles
I know you have run the Dunlop RSIII and gotten 9100 miles (the set coming off right now)

other than mileage you haven't noticed any difference between any of them

So choices seem to be;
PR4's @ $358/set zero $358............................................. 35.8 cents per mile (if these even make it to 10k like you say your other pilot roads did)
T31's @ $265/set with $60 $205............................................ 37.9 cents per mile (if same as T30)
RSIII @ $235/set with $60 $175............................................ 19.2 cents per mile if same mileage as setcoming off

 Why pay twice as much to get PR4's that may or may not last any longer than the RSIII's at half the price????????? (best case scenario seems to indicate you may be able to eek out 1000 extra miles for that addiitonal $178 of up front expense, hell you could buy a second set of the RSIII for that!!!!!!)

 Waste you monies however you want, but the smart the RSIII's! ( get twice the mileage for the same monies ~ essentially~)

Busa showing up....... wants a stretched swingarm installed, new chain and sprockets and new tires...... oh and has never had a tune up etc......... We'll see what he says on budget- but if it is sub $1k I would be surprised

anyways........... Just one of the many things I have to deal with every day when it comes to customers....
 Far too many listen to facebook or some forum of anonymous souls with zero vested interest and even less educated knowledge......... but the dumbs still listen to them and worse still solicit their advice...........
Too many dumbs in the world...

Off Topic / Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 14, 2019, 04:51:59 AM »
Monday morning funnies.................

Safety and Riding Tips / Observations....
« on: August 21, 2018, 10:54:47 PM »
So today I pulled out the Mustang,  I was waiting on parts to arrive so instead of taking the truck I went out in the Mustang and decided I would high tail it over to Hastings to pay my insurance policies......... plus stretch its legs a bit, it has been sorely neglected in the being driven department

So I turn off 42 onto 42 (55 goes straight into town, 42 puts you down under the 61 bridge next to the river... "old downtown")

So as I pass the 2nd curve and get along to the "long" downhill section........ a couple small rolling hills but mostly downhill before you get to town and the hospital etc....

I see a pick up truck (duelly) pulling a trailer and even from as far away as I was I could see it was on/over the centerline, knowing the timing was about going to have us meet past the crest of the next rise I was slowing and had the right wheels pretty much picking up gravel as I was that close to the edge....
 As I crest the hill the guy is coming towards me taking up about half my lane now- I've got my high beams on, I am on the horn and still doing about 30, but off the gas.......Idgit doesn't move
 The slope of the ditch is steep, steep enough if I went full in- I likely would not drive back out....  Mustang has sub 4" of ground clearance and fat tires...... not looking forward to that scenario and then there is that whole......what is hiding in that foot tall grass?

 Well he never did move, so at around 15mph I end up driving 3/4 of the car deep into the grass with only the left 2 wheels on pavement as we pass (and by on the pavement, I think it was only about 1/2 the tires actually on the pavement and half in the gravel shoulder- so car is steeply leaned over to the right), guy is looking right at me as we pass and he still didn't swerve back into his lane, if anything he continued to drift further into my lane, I swear he was taking almost the entire lane now.........FYI mowing grass with the splitter and having the gravel shoulder get abused by the undercarriage is not a sound you really want to hear, ever.....

 So as I pull back up onto the road surface with all 4 wheels and travel about 300 yards to the first driveway I came to, I had thought about whipping a U-ee and running him down, but I had the dash camera running and have his plates....... No need to go confront the idiot jackweed retard, because best case scenario;
  he acknowledges he is an idgit and continues to be one the rest of his life and nothing changes
 Worst case sceanrio someone gets hurt, which means lengthy time dealing with all those legalities....
 (So as I look over the car, grass stains all over the front, grass clumps hanging down under the car and grass and seeds packed in tight to the brake ducts and in between the splitter and bumper and there is some what looks like hard scrape marks all over the aero pan. Hell there was grass hangin down from both rear shock bottoms and the sway bars and I could see the differential was digging gravel)

Anyways- I went and paid for my insurances, and then headed over to the local popo
they knew who the guy was by name as soon as I showed them the video, they now have my memory card and hopefully they exact some justice- idgits like this retard should lose their license and be sent to jail for lengthy stays! (maybe a judge should also access some punitive damages for the 3+ hours I spent cleaning my car......!!! Plus the cost of a new memory card)

 I get home and in order to remove the couple pounds of grass and weed seeds out of the splitter and brake ducts, stuck in the entire undercarriage,  clean out both radiators and even found seeds all over in the air box (cold air intake is in the nose) and under the rear of the hood over the cabin air filter area...... I end up having to pull off the splitter and aero pan, ducts and even the lower intake grill, and to do it all really requires up on a lift...... fun fun when at home with a jack and jackstands

 Oh people are wonderfully stupid and idiotic when driving sometimes and we have all encountered them on occassion........ This time I was able to get away with only having to waste a few hours cleaning the time it may be different

 Even seeing, observing and acting is not always enough......... Sometimes the actions needed are not the actions chosen

Stay aware and make sure you are always paying attention!!!

~What could I have done differently......... ?? I had about 8 seconds (according to dash cam) from first seeing him til we physically passed each other.....
My car can come to a complete stop in sub 8 seconds from 60ish easily, hell it can do it in sub 4 seconds on dry roads.....

-Should I have jumped all over the brakes and stopped short of ever getting to the hill?, then what? Still a steep ditch on both sides... Am I supposed to sit and wait at that point and hope he doesn't hit me? get out of the car and run?........... I did see there was a driveway/road just short of where I actively was slowing (could have jumped on the brakes and turned off I suppose.....but who thinks some idgit is going to continue on in your lane indefinitely???)- or possibly stopped and had to back into that driveway quickly???

-Should I have floored it and gotten over the hill crest sooner, would have given the idgit retard another couple seconds of staring at high beams to move??? if he was even looking up (probably wasn't)
 I still could have jumped all over the brakes and gotten to sub 20 and driven it into the ditch if need be (likely would have been about the same outcome IMO), but who can predict if the ditch over the hill is the same as before the hill? Where debris is or which is the "safer" choice
I didn't know- I was just thankful the sign post was further ahead than I needed to use and the field access driveway was beyond that, still sucked to have to go into the ditch at all

The bottom of the ditch is about 5' below the road and pretty steep actually....... I was on the gas and the rear of the car was definitely in the ditch as I pulled out, pretty much high centering cresting over the gravel edge

There is todays horror story of stupid idgits encountered......

Stay alert and stay alive...

 Someone who shall not remain annonymous rode with idgits Sunday and two of them ended up out in the bean field off A..... You know heading south that first decreasing radius right hander that is 95% of the time littered with gravel/sand
Maybe he will post about his encounter.......

Safety and Riding Tips / making small talk
« on: August 11, 2018, 11:45:28 PM »
gee I made the mistake of actually looking at my service records over the past ~65,000 miles.......... specifically looking at Tire mileage and useage... (since new tires etc were done in prep for this weekend riding and I had the log book open)

~Sportbike tires do not last very long~

~So 45 brand new tires, and then a few of them came off and went back on later (track use etc but only counted as 1 tire)
 6 of those were tires burned up doing trackday events. (usually, tires used on track also saw 1100-1400 street miles afterwards on the Q3's...)The GPA's set, an S20evo set and the 003R's set never saw anything but track (each lasting sub 650 miles) and then a set of  S20's (non evo) I rode at VIR for CSS and then in the east coast mountains for 1000 miles combined (400ish VIR, 600ish in the mountains) only managed 479 miles once returned, 1 ride into WI .... 1479 miles total)

~2 rear tires made less than 1300 miles each in AR ( Conti Force Max and Dunlop D208GPA)

******the longest any rear tire managed -- 4,428 miles (Metzeler M3)---if we do not count the Roadtec 01 sport touring model---

the shortest any that did not see track use--- 1188 miles, but that was riding AR on a DOT "race tire"

2 rear tires were pulled early due to nails in them and tossed. 859 mile M7RR and 348 mile PP2ct

~The average life of a rear tire strictly ridden in WI seems to be around  3,159 miles (again slower speeds and being on its side more helped longevity)
 ~The average for rear tires that saw extensive MN riding and some WI riding 2,803 miles

fronts did not fair much better....

*******longest any front was left on-------- 4,747 miles (Dunlop Q3) again we are not including the outlyer sport touring Roadtec 01 that had a clear advantage

the shortest of those never seeing track duty--- 1188 miles in AR, again a DOT "race tire" ---

 The average of the fronts (since some I did change seperately) that solely saw WI seems to be  3940 miles (being on the side and slower speeds helps life)
never did I ride a front predominatley in MN and keep it on when changing the rear......So 2803 miles when mostly in MN

longest life
Roadtec 01..........averaged  7108 (1 lone set, and I actually enjoyed them very much the same as all the sport tires)
M3........................averaged  3770 (4 sets on street- 1 set did see 118 miles dctc)
Q3.........................averaged 3608 (3 sets on street-did not count any track mile tires)
S21.......................averaged 3540 (only ran the 1 set)
PP.........................averaged 3326 (2 sets on street)
M5........................averaged 2985 (3 sets on street, 1 did see 129 miles DCTC)
S20.......................averaged 2756 (2 sets on street)
Q3+...................... averaged 2667 miles
S20evo.................averaged 2420 (only 1 set on street)

I guess I may as well go back to the beginning and see the other 24 tires burned up and really see how they averaged......
be some new contenders in that list;
-Dunlop Roadsmart  (1300 miles and off, hated them, way too hard and stiff on a 400 lb sportbike)
-Dunlop Roadsmart II (2080 miles and off- actually cupping front and did not like them much-thought they were too hard and stiff for a 400lb sportbike, but they were marginally better than RS)
-PP2ct (2910 miles out of 1 set and 3040 out of the 2nd)
-Conti sport attack (2873 miles)
-Conti sport attack/road attack rear combo (3378 miles)
-Dunlop Q2 (4591 miles and 4673 miles.... way more than the Q3 which is also much better mileage than the Q3+)
-also a few more sets of M3 were run throughout.... with some going 4900 miles and others only 3800 miles.... If I look all M3 sets over the life of the bike, they have averaged 4064 miles per set.... " winner "of the sportbike tire longevity war but those Q2's beat them for life, although they were not around long and I only used 2 sets of them
-Michelin power pure......... sub 2000 miles
-oe original D207 managed 4700 miles even with a few dyno sessions

Obviously the M3 was my go to tire and I did notice when the 120/65 was used my comments were better to how it felt/reacted and lived.... but then again about the time I went Ak20's/penske shock I also went 120/70 from then on and made chassis adjustments to suit the tire size....

Here is to the next ~95,000 miles of riding.............
may I burn through another ~70 tires and enjoy every mile..........

 Skew the average down with more track time or skew it up with more Roadtec 01's/sport touring tires
The RSIII is on my short list but given the way I hated the RS and RSII thus far I just haven't taken the leap to go for them....(although I have dozens of happy customers on them.....I am also using AS as a guinea pig for testing them on a 400 lb sportbike, so far so good)

besides with so many new sport tires coming out all the time and I need to test them, I do ride a sportbike afterall.... Hard to jump on testing tires not really designed for my bike or my intended use (just these Sunday rides of fun tire shredding enjoyment)

So what does this have to do with "Safety" and "Riding Tips".......
Well the tires are your lifeline to everything the motorcycle does, it is your connection to the road so make sure you take care of them!

besides air pressure, balance and making sure they are not too old (production date is 4 digits 2318 is 23rd week of 2018) and have plenty of good tread (buy a tread depth guage and actually measure above the wear bars!!!)..........

 Well that is the safety and riding lecture.......... the rest is just fluff to spark some conversation on the forum

Do not be one of these guys like the depicted pictures.......senseless stupidity in spades to ride any of these tires!
Victory with a completely bald front tire
600cc sportbike with cords showing
old 70's honda with tires circa 1980's and well weather cracked

all ridden in this way......ugh

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