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Off Topic / Re: Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:28:58 AM »
oh hell

What is the difference between a G spot and a golf ball?

 A man will actually search for the golf ball

 What is the difference between a Dunlop motorcycle tire and 365 used condoms......
One is a goodyear and the other is a great year!


Off Topic / Re: Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:27:21 AM »
Nothing actually funny about this one

It is one of those true, but sad it even needs to be said ones..............

Too damn many think they are "owed"......... Hell that is why more than half the illegals show up- get "FREE" shit off the backs of the taxpayers........

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: Observations....
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:22:01 AM »
Very late update to this

 The guy did get 3 tickets, in the end 2 were dropped and he ended up paying some fine/court costs (more than $500).......don't remember how much now months later and don't feel like looking it back up (I was notified of the court date, but I just looked it up on court records several days later. I did not attend as I was busy that day and couldn't get out of it, not sure attending would have made any difference- but I would have loved to hear the case)

 So a couple weeks later I went to go get my memory card back and the prosecutor claims to not have it.........
sucks- I really wanted to post up the footage!
 Prosecutor did offer me $10 for the memory card when I bitched a little bit.......... he missed the point!

on a final note........ prosecutor did inform me the guy no longer has his license from another driving offense

General Banter / Re: warm weather
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:07:11 AM »
My ZZR is in the bedroom........

I'm not going there....nope.  :D

I think you already did
spare bedroom........has 3 motorcycles in it and not much else........not even a bed- so hardly a bedroom really, atleast I never have used it as one...
but since it has a closet and is a room, it is considered a bedroom.......

Off Topic / Re: Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:31:17 AM »
Oh what the hell, I have to add this one................

 The dumbs thought passing something without any knowledge of it was agreat idea for Odumbo, but something everyone with an ounce of brains knows will not work- they can't fathom.........

Glad Pelosi and her spineless followers were shut down today! She belly aches and does nothing to "make a deal" then wants to leave for a week to insure has to do nothing for another week all while claiming she cares what those 800,000 are going through......
Whatever, she and her ilk are worthless scum
And why oh why should taxpayers pay for her and 6 'collegues' and 93 of Pelosi's family members and another 85 family members from these other 6????
 So 178 family members flying on Air Force One on taxpayers dime, with no official business and for no other reason than what.... family vacation........  is now acceptable? Politicians need to be reigned in and reigned in hard!

General Banter / Re: warm weather
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:35:39 PM »
Yep that job sucks. That's why I have Deplorable do it for me. For a price of course.


When only the best will do, get it done by the best !

Off Topic / Re: Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:34:16 PM »
here are a couple more for your Thursday dulldrums.......

Off Topic / Re: Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:28:32 PM »
M          Minnesota

M            Motorcycle
S             Sprint           (Sport, sprint....... we do sprint around more than sport around?)
T              Touring
A               Association

Anyone riding yesterday must have been very cold. 7* start and a 20* high is certainly not my idea of fun..........  But hey, apparently he is committed to ridnig?!?

Off Topic / Monday morning funnies...
« on: January 14, 2019, 04:51:59 AM »
Monday morning funnies.................

General Banter / Re: warm weather
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:26:04 AM »
Took 5 different customer bikes that have been sitting here waiting on delivery for rides......... about 3-4 miles each one
nothing spectacular and there are still wet spots across roads. But atleast they were started, run and brought up to full operating temps

My ZZR is in the bedroom........ no room anywhere else for it......... ugh- so that isn't going anywhere anytime soon

General Banter / Re: How many motorcycles is to many?
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:24:28 PM »
 I have the original sales brochure form every new bike I ever purchased.......

But how many is too many..... well if I ever get to that point I will let you know what I think

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:41:36 PM »
I have seen almost all the sport touring tires run the gammit of sub 3500 miles to over 7000 miles.

I recently had a C14 come in with almost 11k on his PR4's..........

Safety and Riding Tips / Re: making small talk
« on: October 03, 2018, 04:26:48 PM »
 I spent a few hours looking over some sales data on tires..........

Dunlop RSIII has outsold every other sport touring tire I have sold by a huge margin (more RSIII than all other sport touring tires combined)

when I look at some of the follow up customer data on tire life and thoughts.........
Some riders are getting ~ the same mileage out of whatever tire they ride on (cost analysis shows the RSIII was still the best choice)
A few riders did get a significant mileage bump with a specific tire, or even several sets of that tire (really driving cost of the RSIII for some riders, but others did fair better on PR2 or Pirelli Angel GT or even the Avon offering---- but at the huge cost difference, the RSIII was still the cost per mile economy choice with great feedback and pretty good life)
A couple even got less miles (2 people actually, both ran 2 sets so to not say it was a fluke, one of them was less by 800 miles than his typical PR2 on the first set but less by 1300 miles on the second- he did do more two up/fully loaded on that second set- but given he has been roughly running 6700 and 7200 miles on those........ it was about a 0-14% loss of miles v the 32-45% reduction in cost
tire cost alone
$185 x 2 sets = $370 / 13,900 miles = .02662 cents per mile on the RSIII
$270 x 2 sets = $540 / 16,080 miles = .03358 cents per mile on PR2
$340 x 2 sets = $680 / 14,183 miles = .04794 cents per mile on PR3 (he also ran a lone set of PR4 and they netted him even less miles, so higher per mile cost)
$330 x 2 sets = $660 / 13,860 miles = .04762 cents per mile on Angel GT

I am not saying cost is everything, as we all know Motorcycles are for fun and while cost plays some role, it is not the deciding role- hell it may not even be in the top 10 factors for some.....

Just for perspective;
Load range E tires on the truck
$1120. for the tires- they get 45,000 miles........... that is a .0249 cents per mile cost (much more cost effective than motorcycle tires)

if you look at any ecobox car that routinely gets 30+ mpg and has tires that are sub $400/set and last 40,000+ miles-------if you are looking for cost effective transportation, do not buy a motorcycle!
gear, consumables, routine maintenance costs, insurance etc...  all tolled would be triple or more on most any bike v any reasonably economical car

Smiles per mile, or smiles per dollar spent.........a motorcycle always wins!........... atleast for me and most enthusiasts it does

Off Topic / Re: Hello? Are you there?!
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:16:26 PM »
8 people post

11 people vote



Off Topic / Re: Hello? Are you there?!
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:40:48 PM »
 I check more than weekly, but certainly not daily

I loathe facebook and have zero interest in it or anything to with it- I do not even look at the mn-msta facebook page once a month, likely far less....... the only reason I have a facebook page at all is for the work page and to play words with friends (scrabble)- which is getting old as too many ads and bullshit now...... And the work page likely is not really a necessity- but I do get plenty of people to follow it and view all the posts of the horrible state of crap that arrives- so apparently there is some entertainment and educational value???!!!???  But it does make sending pictures to customers easier and faster as well (for those on facebook)   anyways..
 I would rather everything was still on the forum, one location all tidy and neat- absolutely zero reason to have two locations IMO. My opninon is you simply split the views in half, you sure are not doubling them.... niether page is doing well- you have a few (very few) people post in either with any kind of routine

 When I first joined (somewhere around mid 2008 i was invited to join), I joined in on rides pretty much every weekend, then I started to lead a few sporatically, then....  After about 2 years I began to host and lead rides every weekend for a few years--- but then;
 we started to see threads about "if you can join a ride" or "we agree we disagree bullshit" as a result of the idiot crew that joined about that same time and was stealing routes to share and make claim as their own, they were posting stupid ass videos - misrepresenting the club, they would instigate fights on the forum etc........ The forum was no fun after all that shit- so I decided it was not worth my time nor effort to participate any longer

 So in short..... On rides; people became more and more douchebags about complaining and pissy pooing because they didn't get to ride how they wanted or where they wanted or there were not enough stops or too many stops-- you know- too lazy to take charge but just brazen enough to complain about it all............ then some of the idgits decided to go on crashing spree's- which is never any fun for anyone- regardless how low the damage factor is from said crash, I had numerous people complaining to me about others and always gossiping about this that and the other guy...

On the forum; same people and others got all butt hurt about being called out for their stupidity and ignorance "riding my fjr like a jackass" videos and some such bs ~ plus the northern cities group posting up dumbass videos of them riding like jackasses and giving the impression that all mn-msta rides are that way (even though most of the pople depicted in the videos only (at most) joined 1 or 2 rides ever and never actually organized or really participated in the forum at all)- then of course who can forget the then "leader" of the club jumping to all those idgits defense and banning me over making my point because he did not or would not publicly agree but did agree in private (and actually went out of his way to point out some of what others said or were doing in order to solicit a response from me- a response he knew damn well would be harsh and abrasive, but needed and on point).................. and lets certainly not forget those who were taking route sheets and sharing them with other groups and claiming it as their own work etc..... (again said leader of the day sending me notifications to solicit a response to call them out- only to banish me for doing so)

So I started doing invite only rides which were simply follow the leader and no route sheet provided and doing more and more riding solo and mostly ignoring the forum......... which is how it has been the past several years now

 Now I basically ride by myself except the rare occassion I set something up privately or actually decide to attend someone elses ride--which those public rides never thrill me anyways- too many unknown people with their own ideas of what/where/when things need to happen... and none of them willing to actually take charge and be a leader! (hell just look at the two open rides I attended this year.......... )

 I have said it numerous times, when I LEAD- you follow how I lead or you get out of my group- those are your only two options!...........  I have zero tolerance for people to be pissy pooing or throwing temper tantrums because they didn't get their way....... My thought- you want it your way- you lead and set your own rules, see who wants to follow you.
 That'll be the true measure if people like your style or not, and ironically enough- I always have tons of followers, despite my rules, abrasiveness and intolerance of ignorance and stupidity
 I go ride to enjoy myself and have fun, not to babysit a bunch of overindulgent whiny crybabies.... If others enjoy my ride too- awesome, if not- there is the door please use it!

So ;

 Why do I not participate like I once did............ Just read the post in its entirety- the "leader" at the time killed the forum for me by defending the idgits and fucktards who ironically enough are the result of the then "leader" too, by trying to recruit anyone and everyone to "grow the club"

Do I welcome a change in leadership- you bet.......... Do I think it will ever be what it once was to me, likely not

 Would I participate more in the forum if it was more active and more a members only deal (not so open to the public)....... ABSOLFUCKINGLUTELY

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